Family Dentistry

Family dentists are general dentists who have devoted their career to developing expertise as a family provider. Family dentists see every member of the family, even aging parents and patients with special needs.. Family dentists have particular insight into the needs of their patients due to the fact that they can make plans for early intervention in cases where conditions run in the family and have been observed in others.

Some genetic conditions, like deep crevices in the molars, can be treated early with sealants to reduce the chances of developing cavities in these young teeth. Sealant is a protective compound that is used to fill deep grooves in the teeth by applying it in the area and curing it in place with a special light. This quick procedure is not painful and requires no injections. It’s interventions like this that make family dentists the provider of choice for their patient’s oral health needs.

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The Family Dentistry Experience

When you enter a family dental clinic, you’ll likely note that the front areas are decorated and equipped with kids and accessibility in mind. Our clinic aims to provide a bright and friendly environment with staff who are proud to have the opportunity to work with your family. While general dentists and their teams may not have the opportunity to work with children often, a family dentist and their team are providing care to children several times daily. Not only does this mean that family dentists are experts at working in small and intricate spaces, it means that our staff of professionals are experienced in helping vulnerable patients feel comfortable and reassured.

Our skills in working with anxious children are a tremendous benefit to parents and guardians who find taking their children to the dentist to be somewhat anxiety provoking. Our dental team doesn’t miss a beat and jumps in to provide redirection or reassurance. 

Once your dentist has met your family, their preferences and needs can be further understood. This allows our team to know how to best support each important member of your family. Patients with sensory issues may be encouraged to bring headphones to their appointment or a personal item that helps them feel more comfortable. Some patients find it helpful to bring a weighted blanket to wear throughout the procedure to decrease their anxiety.

Some patients benefit from a little extra time to get settled – whether it takes an elderly patient a few moments to get to the treatment area with a walker, or a child is feeling nervous and needs a few more minutes to settle in. Your family dentist invests in your family early in order to develop trust and a feeling of rapport that will support your dentist-patient relationship for years to come.

What We Provide

When you work with a family dentist, you can expect that the vast majority of your family’s dental needs can be done directly through them. Many of the dental services that patients previously needed to see a specialist for are now offered in general practice. We offer a range of services including orthodontics as well as cosmetic dentistry and wisdom teeth extraction which results in our patients rarely needing to be referred out of our office for specialized care.

Teaching Kids to Love Their Teeth

We believe that the key to long-term oral health is the development of healthy oral health habits as early as possible. Aside from regular checkup and cleaning appointments, home hygiene is the best way to take a preventative approach where it comes to oral health. Prevention means doing what we can to reduce the likelihood of any dental concerns developing by brushing our teeth morning and night and flossing every night before bed. Then, every six months we see our dentist who uses visual assessment as well as digital imaging to gain an understanding of the current condition of your teeth and bone structure under the gums.

Children who do not develop good oral health habits in childhood typically have more dental challenges overall, and some develop severe cavities at very young ages. Losing baby teeth to decay can impact the health of the adult teeth and is preventable with good hygiene and a healthy diet. Starting children on a regular dental care routine early in their developmental years is so important, since these habits are being established for life. Teaching your children to love their teeth starts at home with positive role modeling and support. If you are a caregiver to a patient with disabilities and you struggle to provide dental care, speak to your dentist. Your family dentist can provide education, resources, tips and tricks to assist you in supporting their oral care.

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