Cosmetic Dentistry

If you find yourself wishing that you could change the way your smile looks, you could have a sense that doing so would be vain. The truth is that very often the cosmetic  corrections that dentists make aren’t drastic – but to the patient it can be life affirming. Wanting to look your best to feel your best is a healthy approach to life which is why we exercise, drink water and try to eat a primarily healthy diet.

Patients with severe esthetic challenges, however, used to have to be referred out to a cosmetic dentist to have their smiles corrected.  This meant speaking to a dentist they didn’t know about a problem that was sometimes a psychological burden in their lives. Over the years, dental technology has evolved to the point that referrals outside of the family dentist’s office are rarely needed. That means that you can partner with the dentist you know and trust to make these important changes.

As the cosmetic and therapeutic sides of dentistry evolved, they found that the line between form and function blurred with time. Many of the dental restorations that they were performing served a functional need for the patient, as well as being an improvement in the esthetics of the final product. Today, many of the procedures we perform on a routine basis are both cosmetic and therapeutic/functional corrections.

Cosmetic and Functional Services


When your dentist suggests a dental bridge, they are recommending a solution that will conceal a gap caused by a lost tooth. A bridge replaces the space left by the lost tooth with a false tooth that is attached to the teeth on either side. This makes it more helpful in chewing, and in keeping neighbouring teeth from drifting.  For patients with a gap due to a lost tooth, this procedure is as much a cosmetic procedure as it is a functional one since the gap is corrected with a colour-matched tooth.


While a bridge will assist in distributing chewing forces across the dental arch, it will not protect against bone resorption because it cannot stimulate the jaw sufficiently. Implant technology anchors a false tooth into the jawbone in order to be able to stimulate and grow the bone tissue around it. An implant can easily last decades with good care and solves the esthetic problem of a tooth gap as well as protects the jaw from deterioration.


While a bridge uses a complete false tooth, crowns are hollow. These protective cases for your teeth offer support after restoring a compromised tooth. For example, when one of our clients requires root canal therapy, a crown is used to cover the natural tooth down to the gums and is cemented in place.


Yes, even Invisalign® are available to you through your general or family dentist. Even patients with severe crowding or orthodontic issues will benefit from being treated using Invisalign® aligners. Studies have shown that malocclusion is just not a cosmetic issue and has a severe effect on the function and durability of the teeth. Teeth who are not in the right place, often are at risk of crack and fractures.  Don’t forget to ask our team about free smile simulation, using our iTero technology to see what your dream smile can look like.

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Cosmetic Only


Bonding is a buildable compound that dentists can paint onto the teeth and shape to correct gaps, chips and to correct the tooth’s shade. Bonding can be applied to a singular tooth or to multiple teeth.

Cosmetic Only


When you need colour correction that goes beyond the ability of teeth whitening, or if you want to resurface the teeth that show when you smile, veneers are often the best way. Veneers last longer than bonding, so they may cost less over time. Rather than the more free-form application of bonding, veneers are custom made shell caps for the front side of the teeth. Your dentist will prepare your teeth for veneers by etching away approximately 1 millimeter of your tooth’s enamel to maintain the size of the tooth and to ensure a proper adhesive bond when applied.

Cosmetic and Functional Services

Teeth Whitening

If you want to lighten the shade of your teeth, look no further than your regular dentist. While drugstore brands may be quite irritating to the teeth and tissues, your dentist offers clinical strength solution for maximum effectiveness with protection for the gums and post-whitening rehydration serum.

Consult Your Dentist and Insurance

If you have concerns about the appearance of your teeth, take time to see your dentist to discuss it. Your dentist has the most up-to-date understanding of your oral health needs and can recommend a solution that works for your budget and your desired timeline, if you will require several appointments. If you have dental insurance. It is important to obtain confirmation of coverage from your insurance company prior to proceeding with these procedures.

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