Checkups & Cleaning

If it’s time for you regular visit to the dentist, you’ll want to book your appointment right away to ensure that this important appointment isn’t overlooked or forgotten. In fact, we recommend that our patients book their next appointment with us before they leave each appointment to ensure that we can reach out and provide reminders in the days leading up to it. If you need to change your appointment day or time, you’ll be able to do so when you begin to receive reminders or as soon as you’re aware of the scheduling conflict. Our patient families are busy – we understand.

What can I tell my children to expect at the checkup?

If it’s been a while since your family’s last dental checkup and cleaning, it’s natural that they may wonder what to expect. First of all, you can assure your children that these appointments are just checkups similar to what they do at the doctor each year when their height, weight etc. is recorded. There are no painful procedures to cause them nervousness or concern.

During the checkup portion of the appointment, your dentist will be looking at the teeth under a bright light and recording anything of note. That means areas with decay, excess crowding, gum recession or other abnormalities that they may want to look into further. Your dentist will ask questions about your child’s oral and medical health and record any changes that could impact their treatment. This could include things like contraindications between medicines like blood thinners. Your dentist records this to ensure that any medications or procedures done in the future will be informed by your updated file. If you have a number of medications, it can be helpful to take pictures of the bottles or take note of the name, dosage and frequency in which they are taken.

All of the tissues in the mouth and the lymph nodes will be assessed to ensure that there are no changes to the tissues that indicate a problem developing, like oral cancer, for example. Your jaw muscles and the effectiveness and comfort of your bite will be checked.

Your dentist will then proceed to have a deeper look into the structures of the mouth with digital X-rays. This new kind of X-ray machine offers tremendous insight with much smaller X-ray exposure than the traditional X-rays of years past.

The X-ray machines that are in our office are the latest in the technological advances in this area. They ensure that you and our family are safe and provide the lowest possible radiation exposure in the market.

These images allow your dentist to look at the jawbone and teeth to determine the health of your mouth beyond what can be seen visually. This could include things like identifying the upcoming arrival of wisdom teeth, adult teeth and even identifies concerns like cysts and bone erosion.

This is your time with the dentist to ask questions and get a full update of what’s going on in yours or your child’s mouth before proceeding to the cleaning portion of your visit..

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Teeth Cleaning

Once your discussion with your dentist is complete, they will hand your child over to a professional dental hygienist to get started on cleaning your child’s teeth. The hygienist will begin with scaling the teeth which involves manually scraping away any tarter that has hardened around the collars of the teeth. While this can be a novel feeling, children should understand that this is not a painful process. Once the tartar is removed, their teeth will be polished with a gritty toothpaste that breaks down surface stains and buffs the teeth smooth. If you opt for fluoride for your children, it will be offered on trays that your child will hold in their mouth for one minute before spitting it out. The final step is to get the spaces between teeth flossed clean.

If our patients have been skipping the flossing portion of their daily oral health regimen, our hygienists are able to tell right away because the gums will bleed during flossing. At this time, your hygienist will discuss the importance of flossing and will provide tips and tricks about how to do it in a comfortable and easy manner. Some children find flossing difficult due to the dexterity it requires. Our office can recommend solutions that may assist your child like using single-use flossers and plaque dyes to help them identify when their teeth are clean.

Preventative Maintenance

Checkup and cleaning appointments are critical for your children as well as all members of your family. These appointments identify potential issues prior to them developing into a dental concern that requires intervention to correct. With good oral health support at home, children will celebrate going to the dentist because they know how good it will feel to get that high five and small gift before leaving. Starting kids at the dentist early reinforces the importance of self-care and helps build a positive association with dentistry in general.

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