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With our wide range of Dental Services, all performed by a General Dentist, we are happy to care for you and your entire family. 

Checkups & Cleaning

We recommend that our patients book their next appointment with us before they leave each appointment to ensure that we can reach out and provide reminders in the days leading up to it.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Today, many of the procedures we perform on a routine basis are both cosmetic and therapeutic/functional corrections.

Dental Implants

Whether you have lost one teeth or many, you may be in the process of considering what avenue to pursue for restoration. You may feel overwhelmed with the decision, but understanding your options will help you ask the right questions of your dentist to make a confident decision for your oral health.

Emergency Dental

Emergency responders don’t send out emergency dental services when there is a dental emergency, so we need to be resourceful when presented with an emergency dental situation. Knowing where to start when you’ve got an emergency is secondary to knowing whether your situation constitutes an emergency at all.

Family Dentistry

When you work with a family dentist, you can expect that the vast majority of your family’s dental needs can be done directly through them. Many of the dental services that patients previously needed to see a specialist for are now offered in general practice.

Invisalign® Therapy

If you’ve always wanted to straighten your teeth but didn’t want to commit to braces, now is the time to explore Invisalign® therapy.

Sleep Apnea

Apnea is often severe by the time it is discovered, since the sleep-deprived patient doesn’t fully wake each time a gasp is induced. Instead, they are deprived of deep restorative sleep over time.

Teeth Whitening

If you are out of the habit of seeing your dentist every six months for a checkup and professional cleaning, some of the discolouration you may be seeing could be surface staining. This staining can occur as a result of food, hygiene and lifestyle.

Dental Sedation

In cases where patients express concern about their level of anxiety, your dentist may discuss whether oral sedation is an option for you. There are two forms of sedation available through your dentist: nitrous oxide gas and benzodiazepine oral medication.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Situated behind the last molar, these teeth have large, complex crowns and roots that reach as far up as the sinus and as far down as the primary nerve in the lower jaw. 

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