Dr. Charkhandeh

Dr. Shawn is passionate about comprehensive care, biological dentistry and using the latest technology in dentistry to improve patient care. He motivates his patients to seek ideal health by providing dentistry focusing on the connection between oral, and overall body health.

Understanding dentistry should be about prevention and maintenance, Dr. Shawn continues to grow and learn, finding new ways to provide patients with the highest quality care.

By continuing to focus beyond teeth-health, looking at the mechanics of the jaw, growth patterns, habits and lifestyle of his patients, he can create a treatment plan that will ensure a personalized life-long beautiful and healthy smile.

Dr. Shawn is kind-hearted and devoted, treating those who walk through the door as extended family members. It is important to him to get to know his patients by name, and he looks towards being an integral part of the community, providing multiple generations with unparalleled service for years to come.

Bloom Dental Wellness offers an environment of acceptance and inclusivity where patients are treated with respect and their concerns are heard.  If you see Dr. Shawn in the neighbourhood out walking his dog, make sure you give him a wave and a flash of that brilliant smile or better yet, stop for a conversation.

"We'd Love To See Your Smile"

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