7 Things to Look for in a Family Dentist

Oral hygiene is part of a healthy lifestyle. Teaching children the importance of caring for their teeth from a young age will encourage lifelong healthy habits. Just as every family needs a family physician, every family also needs a caring family dentist.

Here are seven questions you can ask when searching for your next dental clinic. 



1. Do They Accept New Patients?

The first question to ask when searching for a dentist is whether or not they are accepting new patients. Many family dentists will indicate on their website whether they’re taking new patients, or you can call their office and ask them directly. At Bloom Dental Wellness, we welcome families and new patients of all ages at our Keswick family dentist clinic. 


2. Do They Welcome Families and Children?

A dentist may be taking new patients, but they may not have experience in providing dental care for children. Even if they welcome families and children, you’ll want to know if their dental clinic is well-suited for young patients. You can find this out when you visit the clinic or by looking at photos of the office on their website. 


3. When Are Their Open Hours?

Checking the opening hours of a dental clinic is another great way to tell whether or not a clinic focuses on serving families. Are they open during the evenings? What about weekends or occasional weekend options? Families have busy schedules that benefit from extended hours and weekend appointments.


4. Do They Follow the ADA Fee Guide?

Did you know that the Alberta Dental Association (ADA) has a guide outlining their recommendations for dental service fees? This helps keep dental care affordable, which is vital for Alberta families. Your best choice for a family dentist is one that follows the ADA fee guide. 


5. Do They Offer Financing for Orthodontics?

With children in your life, orthodontics may be in your financial future. Some dentists offer financing solutions to help families support their children’s orthodontic needs. Whether you have insurance that covers orthodontics or not, knowing your family dental clinic provides financing options can take a weight off your shoulders. 


6. Is Their Clinic Inviting?

The atmosphere of a family-friendly dentist makes all the difference to young children. On your first visit, you can assess how you feel when you enter the building to know if you made the right choice. Family dentistry should make you feel welcome, seen, and heard in all your concerns.


7. Do They Offer Emergency Dental Services?

No parent wants to experience a dental emergency, but they can happen when you least expect them. You can ask any dentist whether or not they offer emergency dental services in addition to general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. 



Your Family Dentist in West Edmonton


At Bloom Dental Wellness, we’re here to provide families in Keswick and West Edmonton with a wide range of comprehensive dental services priced at the 2023 Alberta Dental Fee Guide. Call our clinic today to book your family’s next appointment and experience our relaxing atmosphere, flexible schedule, and friendly staff. 

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