5 Local Keswick Restaurants to Try

The Keswick neighbourhood of southwest Edmonton boasts a range of great amenities, from local shopping to a variety of restaurants to expansive walking trails and parks. Residents of Keswick have a variety of culinary options right in their own neighbourhood, and so do visitors!


Exploring local restaurants offers a glimpse into the heart of a community where authenticity thrives, and traditions are celebrated through food. From cozy pubs serving up comforting classics to bold and innovative cuisine, your next culinary journey starts in Keswick.



Treat Yourself to Pizza in Keswick

When faced with the savoury dilemma of what to eat for dinner, pizza emerges as the unanimous hero, offering a range of customizable toppings to satisfy every craving. From classic margheritas to gourmet specialties, choosing pizza promises a slice of comfort and culinary adventure in every bite.


Cosmic Pizza & Donair

Cosmic Pizza & Donair is a great choice when you want a delicious and savoury meal on the go, as a fast weekday dinner, or to celebrate a fun occasion with family and friends at home. There are flavours for everyone to enjoy, from classic pizza toppings to chicken specialties to tasty donairs, wings, and sides. 

📍Cosmic Pizza & Donair in Keswick-Windermere


Royal Pizza

Royal Pizza is not just another pizza restaurant in the Keswick neighbourhood. In addition to classic and gourmet pizza options, they also serve a range of delicious entrees, including steak, pasta, salads, sides, appetizers, and desserts. With specials happening throughout the week, you can solve any dinner crisis with a visit to Royal Pizza. 

📍Royal Pizza in Keswick-Windermere


Enjoy a Friendly Atmosphere

The Twin Otter Pub is your neighbourhood pub when you want a relaxing location to unwind on any weekday or weekend. With a unique and adventurous menu and a great selection of beer, wine, and cocktails, this local pub is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

📍Twin Otter Pub in Keswick-Windermere




Delight Your Culinary Tastes


Nagoya Japanese Cuisine

Have a craving for maki rolls, udon noodles, or fresh sashimi? Nagoya Japenese Cuisine is your go-to local restaurant to satisfy your sushi palette. Whether you’re a regular customer or want to try something new, their innovative culinary menu and exceptional customer experience will place this restaurant in your favourite locations. 

📍Nagoya Japanese Cuisine in Keswick-Windermere

Flame & Barrel Restaurant and Bar Affair

When you’re looking for that perfect combination of a locally-owned restaurant and bar, Flame & Barrel is your destination. From Happy Hour specials to Oilers nights and Brunch, you’ll find this place meets all your dine-in and take-out needs. 

📍Flame & Barrel Restaurant and Pub in Keswick-Windermere




Dining-In and Take-Out Options in Keswick

Finding the perfect restaurant can be a challenge, especially when multiple tastes are involved. Our list of five local Keswick restaurants can help you narrow down your options and find the right place for any occasion. So, ditch the familiar and savour the thrill of trying local restaurants, where every bite tells a story, and every dish is a delicious discovery waiting to be savoured.

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